6-Week Momentum Program

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Discover how your body responds to food by eliminating, reintroducing & evaluating your response to sugar, grains, legumes, alcohol & dairy, so you can manage your weight & gain confidence in your ability to make significant lifestyle changes.


With full body & core workouts to do weekly so you gain strength, endurance, tone your body and build momentum progressively over time to increase your mobility.


Begin seeing a shift in your weight in a healthy. sustainable way. Participants who've committed to the program see a loss of 1-2 lbs per week, a change in the fit of their clothing and a variety other non-scale victories!

Getting Started:

Here’s what to do now:

Meal Plan Resources:

Workout Plan | Week 1,3,5

Monday | 30-Min Full Body
Wed | 30-Min Full Body
Friday | 10-Minute Core

Workout Plan | Week 2,3,6

Monday | 30-Min Full Body
Friday | 10-Minute Core