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For our owners, Travis and Whitney, Life Addicts Studio is about legacy

Not just their personal legacy--they care deeply about yours. In fact, they're so passionate about your wellbeing that they literally made your life their business. 

Travis and Whitney both know the grief of saying goodbye to loved ones too soon, whose illnesses were preventable. Many high performers and hard workers who simply didn't have the support (or know they needed the support) to prioritize their wellbeing.

Because of this, "Team Washington" is passionate about helping other high performers like you live life to its fullest, giving your best not just beyond you, but TO you.

They use holistic lifestyle tools like nutrition, movement, stress management & healthy community to help you heal and transform your mind and body so you can live your most active, energetic and enjoyable life with the ones you love.


Becoming a Life Addict isn’t about quick fixes, diets and deprivation, or numbers on a scale.

It’s about learning how to show up for yourself like you show up for others.

It's about building habits that last.

It's about gaining the mental and physical strength to thrive as you live in this gift of life you've been given.

It's about building trust in yourself as a capable steward of your health, learning how to show up for yourself and gaining an awareness of how much power you actually have over your wellbeing.

It's about getting your life back.