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Classes @ LAS

In addition to our studio membership community, Life Addicts Studio is proud to be the home base for a group of dynamic trainers & instructors in the Grand Rapids community. Check out the classes they offer below.

Community Class Schedule

Monday | Xtreme Hip Hop with Juanita at 6:30pm

Presented by Xtreme Hip Hop with Juanita. Xtreme Hip Hop routines are dance cardio classes using an aerobic step set to hip hop music. Savings pass available.

Tuesday | Beats & Bells with Travis at 6:15pm

Presented by Life Addicts Studio. Beats & Bells is a high-energy fitness class that combines dumbbell/kettlebell strength training with the beats of hip hop music. This dynamic workout targets all major muscle groups and leaves you feeling stronger and more energized. With motivating music to keep you moving, you'll push your limits and challenge yourself to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, join us for a fun and exciting workout. Sponsored by Corewell Health More Life Mas Vida. RSVP Required.

Wednesday | Glute Aerobics at 6:30pm

Presented by VSJ Fitness. This is a bootylicious body weight rhythmic class! This class will leave you feeling strong, accomplished, and sweaty by incorporating resistance bands, dance fitness, high reps and cardio blasts! Class package available.

Saturday | Sweat Bootcamp with Travis at 8:00am

Presented by Life Addicts Studio. Outdoor Bootcamp is designed for all fitness levels, these high-energy workouts are a great way to burn calories, build strength, and make new friends in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Saturday | Glute Camp at 10:15am

Presented by VSJ Fitness | On Saturdays we tone! Join us for a Low Impact bootcamp style class designed to challenge your whole body with strength training and cardio intervals. We will use 3lbs dumbbells (provided). Bring booty bands and yoga mat! Sponsored by Corewell Health More Life Mas Vida. RSVP Required.