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At LAS you'll being welcomed into a nonjudgemental, super supportive group of other high performing community, family & business leaders that have committed to learning & doing what's required to show up in the world as their best selves. The workouts, resources and environment has been curated especially for you, to help you create sustainability as you simplify healthy living and truly make it a lifestyle.

Member Benefits:

  • Unlimited 45-minute semi-private group training sessions at our fitness facility Mon-Thr with personalized attention from our engaged trainers & coaches
  • No-hassle booking app to make scheduling your sessions super easy & convenient
  • Access to our LAS Online Community in our private app with recipes, workouts and regular opportunities for goal setting, accountability, encouragement, laughter, and support
  • Our FitLife community events/activities to encourage you to enjoy the lifestyle including hikes, neighborhood bike rides, our annual Bike Camp, prep for and participating in a 5k (walkers & beginners welcome), "field trips" to the local stores, shops & restaurants that support your NEW healthy lifestyle, and more!

Ready To Take The Next Step?

If You're Looking To Try It Out First:

We'd love to invite you to try our 4-Week Jumpstart. It's a great way to start getting a good fitness regimen going, get a feel of what it would look like to incorporate training into your schedule, and get to know our community & coaches. This pass is $99 (savings of up to $100) and includes unlimited sessions for the 4-weeks.

If You're Ready For More, Now:

We'd love to invite you to become a member and experience the full benefit of having the tools, resources, and community support you need to simplify healthy living and make it a lifestyle. We have both 6 & 12 month options available. You'll be able to review the terms & conditions before you complete enrollment.

You can also view FAQ's HERE.

Your Own Support Team

The team at LAS is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to wellness, helping you live an active, energetic, and enjoyable life. With extensive training and experience, our coaches offer support in strength-building, flexibility, nutrition, and overall balance. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive community that empowers clients to transform their lives.

What Members Are Saying About The LAS Experience

"It's not about body shaming, it's all about strength, resiliency, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle."

— Hanna

"Life Addicts has been life changing because it is an entire continuum of care approach to wellness at every level, at every stage, in every phase of life."

— Shannon

"My eating habits have changed and hearing what other Life Addicts struggles are and what they do to change has been very helpful."

— Jessica

"It was the best choice I have made for my physical, mental and emotional self."

— Ashlee

"They really do push us to make that individual choice to show up for ourselves."

— Jaleesa

"They're local and able to offer personalized, quality, excellent attention to each of their clients."

— Kristyn

We Can't Wait To Do Life With You

Meet Your Coaches

Travis, Trainer & Coach

What started as a way for Travis to process life through working out has now turned into a passion for investing in people and enthusiastically helping them reach their full potential! He enjoys in strength building, weight lifting & powerlifting. 

Travis is a Co-Owner of Life Addicts Studio, the Studio Manager, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, and our Lead Trainer.

Whitney, Coach

Whitney, Co-Owner of LAS, is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Behavior Change Specialist, Consistency Coach and our favorite voice for guided meditations. She is deeply invested in cultivating spaces and building communities where people thrive in their wholeness!

Mark, Trainer & Coach

Mark is a Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist, Performance Specialist, Fitness Specialist, and Speed & Agility Coach. He coaches LAS training sessions, programs/coaches group individualized training, and trains clients 1:1. He owns Glory Road Fitness and is also the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Godwin Heights High School.

Eddie, Coach

Eddie is a team leadership advisor at Life Addicts Studio. He's been a member since 2017 and supports the team as a training coach in our semi-private group training sessions when needed.