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Episode 3. How Shannon is embracing holistic transformation beyond the scale

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In this episode we get to listen in as one of our high performing members, Shannon Cohen shares her journey of becoming a healthier version of herself while experiencing real transformation beyond the scale. 


Shannon is a living testament of growth and evolution in wellness and movement here at Life Addicts Studio. Before joining the community, she was struggling to prioritize movement in her life. The team praises her personality and energy that contribute so much to the community. 

An influential leader who experiences first hand the nuances of balancing what’s required to be a high performer and a healthy human, Shannon shares how she understands the importance of investing time into your business ventures, but can also understands the magnitude of importance that comes with taking care of your own health. 

Prior to joining Life Addicts Studio, she had been living a sedentary lifestyle, and was moved to join our 4-week jumpstart program after seeing ads on social media that deeply resonated with her. The ads were so spot-on that she felt as if someone had opened their journal and read it out loud. That 4-week program was the push she needed to make a change, and she never looked back.

Shannon has been a member of Life Addicts now since 2021 and has seen so much progress in her healthy habits since then. Instead of using the scale to measure progress, she prefers to take pictures to capture her non-scale victories. She’s developed a sense of discipline and commitment to showing up for herself, something she hadn't been doing before. 

She’s also released some life-changing LB’s without any toxic dieting and has discovered a newfound appreciation for her athletic prowess and the Life Addicts community. 

She encourages others on the fence about joining Life Addicts to invest in themselves, as it is a life-changing experience for everyone no matter their age, health condition, or lived experiences.

She used to think that only intense athletes were members of Life Addicts, but she was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a come-as-you-are studio, with people of all levels of fitness working toward becoming healthier versions of themselves, wherever they’re starting from. 

A Few Highlights 

“I was even healing from an invisible injury when I first started at Life Addict. And I just had the reflection just this week that everything that we were doing in class on Tuesday of this week, there was a point where I did modified versions of all of that, and I recognized that this week I'm doing non modified. I had this whole moment of seeing myself grow and seeing the evolution over the past several months, and that's been a beautiful thing. So if you are on the fence, take it from someone that was really in a sedentary space about wellness and movement. I used to think that only people that worked out at Life Addicts were Olympians."

"Do it. You are worth the investment. One of the things that you often say Coach Whit is we can do hard things and we have to pick our hard, right? And so there may be elements of being a Life Addict that is a sacrifice. It's definitely going to be a different investment than if you go to a big box gym, but the investment into you exceeds the investment financially from you. It is truly life changing. Life Addicts has been life changing because it is an entire continuum of care approach to wellness at every level, at every stage, in every phase of life. I know people that are life addicts that are recovering from traumatic health conditions and health diagnoses, people that are everywhere from within their 20s with to their 60s. You know, it's such a mosaic of a range of people with different life needs, different lived experiences, different injuries.”

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