Why We Started Life Addicts Studio

Hey everybody, it’s trainer Travis here at Life Addicts Studio.  Today’s question is “Why did you start Life Addicts Studio?”

Actually even before Life Addicts Studio we were Cre8ive Fitness, then Cre8ive Life Fitness and then it became Life Addicts Studio.

I know, drastic change. But, why?

Well, it all started originally with me personally going through different things in my life that I wanted to find an alternative to without resorting to drinking and I was never really a smoker.

I had a lot of built up anger and I needed to find a healthier outlet. So, what I started doing personally is lifting weights and I would lift for almost 2 to 3 hours because it became my therapy. My body started changing and a mentor suggested I try Personal Training so I got certified and started helping a few clients.

Fast forward about a year and my wife were at Disney Springs in Florida celebrating her getting her Masters degree in Management and I was just looking at all the different businesses wondering what made each one different?

We looked at Hard Rock Cafe, Bob Marley’s restaurant and Margaritaville and started asking ourselves what separated each one of them and why their customers chose them over the other options.

At that point it just came to me like, does our business really point to the people or did it point to me? At that time…it pointed to me and my wife. We originally chose the name “Cre8ive” simply because we thought ourselves to be pretty creative people.

So, being creative people, we named our business what we thought we were offering, us.

Of course, being creative, we didn’t spell it normally. We put an 8 in there and took out the A and took out the T…lol like we really made it creative.

So we were sitting there at one of the most creative places on earth (Disney) on a bench outside Margaritaville trying to figure out how to take the focus off of us and really speak to who we were trying to serve in a way that made them chose us over other options because of the value we provided.

And it hit us…we’d been using”Life Addicts” as a hashtag/motto almost since day one.

It started because it was about being addicted to a healthier lifestyle. It was simple and helped people make a claim over their health and take ownership of the process.

It was so clear. 

So this was in December and on that bench we immediately started thinking about what we had to do to change the name and all of our branding by January (lol, this is how we operate, when it’s clear we go all in).

So we changed the name as soon as we got back and we’ve really stuck to what Life Addicts means, being about the people, our people. Helping them really learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to create healthy habits. And we’re proud to say over the past 5 years that’s really what it has become.

But it all just started off with me having my own little things happening in life that allowed me to build a healthier lifestyle and create different habits so I wouldn’t do negative things and actually turn my anger into something positive by lifting weights.

I’m so glad we had that moment of reanalyzing everything and questioned if the business was meant to be about me or about the people we serve? That’s what separates us from other gyms or studios; it’s not just about somebody coming to the gym but coming into a healthier lifestyle in a community that cares, is supportive and wants to see them become the healthiest version of themselves.

I hope that helps you understand why we do what we do at Life Addicts Studio. If you have any  questions, please comment below. We’d love to chat.