Ready to move better, look better
and feel better?

Turn back the hands of time and reclaim what matters most in as little as 42-days with all the tools, support & accountability you need to succeed!


The Meltdown Lifestyle Reset

A Proven 6-Week Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Program for Busy People Just Like You, Who Want to Jumpstart Their Healthy Habits and Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, But Just Haven’t Been Able to Do It on Their Own….

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Program Runs September 10 - October 22, 2022

Serious Applicants Only - Space is Limited...

We are not a big box corporate gym.
We want to make sure each and every person who we work with
gets the individual attention they need to reach their goals.
An important part of that is only working with people who are serious
about changing their lifestyle.

This challenge is for you if...

  • You’re a high performer whose tired of feeling & being unhealthy, showing up for everyone but yourself…
  • You’re tired of trying to decide what’s for dinner after a long day
  • You thrive in spaces where you can share and receive tips from others
  • You can commit at least one-day weekly to shop for and prepare your meals
  • You can commit to at least 2 in-studio trainings weekly

This challenge is NOT for you if...

  • You are not 100% committed to making long term lifestyle changes to decrease body fat, improve strength and move better.
  • You are looking for a quick fix or magic pill.
  • You are not prepared to be challenged by your coaches to achieve your goals.
  • You are looking for the cheapest workout program, rather than investing in the best quality.

Results You Can Expect With
The Meltdown Lifestyle Challenge

Here’s What You Get Access To:

Convenient morning training sessions facilitated by our dynamic trainers & coaches so you don’t have to figure out what to do on your own AND open gym sessions with guided workouts provided for you to follow on your non session days!

Our LIVE in person orientation before the program starts to set you up for success throughout the 6-weeks, allow you to meet your trainers, set your action plan and determine your starting point so you have a measure for success.

One of the most important factors in our member’s success is nutrition. The Meltdown nutrition plan’s goal is to help you build a foundation for long-term, sustainable health without gimmicks or quick fixes by incorporating real, fresh, energy-boosting, anti-inflammatory Whole Foods into your everyday regimen.  We know that recipes and and a plan are important to you and it is all provided for you.

Weekly nutrition and lifestyle coaching will be available to you through our private members only group inside our mobile/web app.

Our members have the motivation to keep up their new habits through the support of our like-minded community.  Daily in each session and in our private members only group the camaraderie and support are priceless.

The Life Addicts Studio team is on an endless pursuit of getting better, through education and personal development and are available throughout this program during sessions and in the private group to help you through any obstacles or plateaus.

More Client Successes

I was really struggling with what/who I saw in the mirror. I was judging myself according to a scale and others especially those who lose weight by a procedure. I am more focused on me and celebrating little nonscale victories.
Meltdown Participant
I wasn't consistent with improving my health issues. I didn't invest in myself mentally or physically. Now I feel more aware and equipped with the proper knowledge to conquer everyday challenges.
Meltdown Participant
I was fatigued, overweight, and uncomfortable with my physical self before the Meltdown. I am now so much healthier, stronger, more energetic, and am building my confidence in who I am entirely.
Meltdown Participant

Your investment today includes:

Your results are just a click away!

Common Questions

We officially begin with our Successful Start Orientation on Saturday, September 10th at 10:00am. Training begins the week of September 12th and will end on October 22nd. 

The challenge fee is $299 if you register by Aug 20th, $329 if you register by Aug 31st or $359 if you register by Sep 9th for non-members. The fee for members of Life Addicts Studio is $99 if you register by Sept 9th.

This program is for busy high performers who are tired of the way they look and feel and tired of not getting results with their current routine.  If you are nervous about starting and needing the guidance of a coach and a program that will meet you where you are at then this program is for you.

You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape! This program is for all levels of fitness as long as you aren’t afraid of a little hard work.  The coach will help you pace yourself in every session, and we will modify for all ability levels.

We don’t follow the “no pain – no gain” mentality. We understand that your life does not revolve around your workouts and that some days you’ll feel better than others.  Our goal  is not to beat you up with exercise, but help you leave feeling better than when you came.

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, so working smart and making consistent progress is key to your long-term success.

Common results during a 6-week challenge include:
• Losing 6-24 lbs
• Dropping 1-2 pant sizes
• Tighter stomach, thighs, and arms
• Getting stronger and moving better
• Increased energy all day long
• Better Sleep
• Decreased pain
• Improved strength and endurance
• Clothes fitting better
• Increased confidence
• Feeling proud because you’ve finally done something for your fitness

Yes!  You certainly can!  You don’t have to have a lot of weight to lose to participate in this challenge.  We all need a jump start and can use the support of a challenge to break through a plateau or just have the extra guidance, accountability, and camaraderie at Life Addicts Studio to get to your goals.

The program includes:

12-45 minute semi-private group training sessions

12-45 minute guided open gym sessions

Our successful start orientation with action planning, goal setting and fitness pre-screen

Nutrition guide with recipes & grocery list

Lifestyle weight management coaching

Our judgement free, supportive community with access to private online support group in our mobile/web app

A coaching team 100% invested in your success

Our 45-minute semi-private group training sessions are specifically designed to increase your mobility and flexibility, increase your movement range, build strength and increase your metabolism so you continue to burn fat all day long.

The program is progressive so you’ll be able to see your progress along the journey! 

Each session begins with a muscle activation warm-up to improve your flexibility, mobility and coordination.

After the warm-up, sessions include:

• Resistance training to tone your muscles and strengthen your bones to keep you active for life.

• Short burst cardio training to condition your
heart and lungs and improve your endurance
giving you move energy and increasing fat burning.
(NO slow, boring cardio, here)

• Core training to tighten your stomach and maintain your posture.

For all these movements, we have modifications and progressions for all levels of fitness (You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape).

We conclude each session with a cool down and stretch (sometimes including foam rollers) so you always leave feeling better than when you came.

This program is available in Grand Rapids, MI at Life Addicts Studio, located at 2035 28th Street SE, Suite O.

With this program, you will train 2x per week in a semi-private small group and have access to our open studio an additional 2x per week where you can do our pre-designed at-home workouts.

If you are planning to miss a session, please email us in advance so that we can offer a make-up session if a spot becomes available. If no sessions are available you will be invited to attend an additional open gym session.

Here at Life Addicts Studio, we put our money where our mouth is because it’s the right thing to do. We
guarantee all our products and services.

With our Meltdown Lifestyle Reset, we GUARANTEE your results. If you show up to all of your training & open gym sessions, follow the nutrition reset plan & share the required daily accountability posts, engage with the community for support and you’re not happy with your progress at the end of the challenge, we’ll give you EVERY PENNY BACK. Simple as that.

If you find the program to be a good fit for your goals and would like to continue training with us after the 6 week challenge, we will have membership options available for you. Our most successful clients train with us year-round.

Simply click the button below and complete the registration and payment. Because we are not a big corporate gym and we want to make sure each and every person who we work with gets the individual attention they need to reach his/her goals, space is limited, so register today.


Your program is designed to improve your “movement health”. Movement health allows us to improve our mobility and stability and improve the full range of motion necessary for everyday activities.​


Success is measured by more than just the number on the scale. We specialize in body transformation, meaning you won’t just lose pounds, but also completely reshape your body. We track this through pictures and clothing sizes.


A fit and healthy lifestyle goes way beyond just a workout. We focus on the whole person. We believe that you should always leave the gym feeling better and more energized than when you came.