How To Stop Struggling To Reach Your Healthy Goals

It’s not news that we’ve all experienced both the empowerment that comes with setting a new fitness goal to get us back on track AND the disappointment of falling short of that goal…an infinite number of times.

Now regardless of how many setbacks we have, one things for sure… just about everyone knows that in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle you have to workout regularly and not eat like crap.

Seems simple enough right…

If you’ve ever bought a gym membership and barely used it after the hype wore off, or got through a whole week of meal prep only to get bored with what you prepped and end up eating out anyway (completely defeating the purpose of prepping)…you’re going to want to keep reading.

The Struggle To Workout

Moderate intensity exercise of at least 2.5-5 hours per week or vigorous aerobic activity of 1.25-2.5 hours per week is the general guideline for adults according to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americas. 

That works itself out to about 30-60 minutes, 5 days per week if you incorporate 2 rest days (generally a good idea).

Over the past 5 years it’s been the general consensus among our members that the workout is actually the part of their journey they struggle with the least.

Especially being able to come in to the studio knowing a workout has been thoughtfully prepared and they didn’t have to try and figure it out on their own.

There are also tons of FREE workouts online that people can do without having to leave their homes which eliminates the “I just can’t make it to class because of my schedule” excuse.

The Struggle To Eat Well

Now food is admittedly another story. Many of our members come in noting struggles with eating healthy as their primary obstacle when it comes to committing to a healthy lifestyle.

Considering the massive amount of information on the internet, in every new “diet” book, online course and weight loss program AND all the pills, potions and propaganda surrounding the fitness industry in general…folks are confused!!!

We get it, we’ve been there and decided we would skip the fads and get back to the basics, teaching our members one super simple almost too easy strategy for eating healthy…

  • Learn to recognize and prepare whole foods; eat them often
  • Learn to recognize and eliminate processed foods; eat them less

Simple right…told you!

With all of the recipes available online, we have more access to try new things using this strategy than we’ve ever had before.

And to be honest, most people genuinely know that daily fried food, 20oz sodas and dinners prepped from a box with ingredients you’ve can’t pronounce…doesn’t really = healthy.

The Real Struggle

So technically, with all of our access of FREE workouts and FREE recipes…if it isn’t exercising that’s the problem and people know what to eat…there’s got to be something else standing in between the person you are today and the person you long to be tomorrow.

Which brings us to the REAL reason we struggle to reach our fitness goals….and its not motivation OR will-power.


Our behaviors yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and sometimes even minute-by-minute ALWAYS determine the type of results we get; and most of us experience inconsistent results because we’ve not taken the time (it does take time) to establish this key foundational habit that our results will be built upon.

The Key Habit To Overcome Your Fitness Struggle

Here it is…CONSISTENCY. Simple…straight-forward….results-guaranteed.

We often try something for just a little while and when we don’t see results (with often unreasonable expectations based on what media portrays) we either move on to the next fad OR quit all together.

Here’s the thing, you’ll never experience long-term results without committing to long-term effort.

In order to truly experience a life-changing transformation that you can maintain, you’ll have to commit to the process…

  • when you feel like it…
  • when you don’t feel like it…
  • when you see results…
  • when you don’t see results…
  • when you’re getting compliments…
  • when you feel like no one is paying attention…
  • when grandma makes her famous (butter-filled, sugar crusted) cobbler…
  • when it’s freezing out and you’d rather netflix and chill with hot cocoa…
  • when you leave your workout clothes & have to hit five below for a quick tshirt….
  • when your co-workers question why you came out for drinks after work…but didn’t order a drink…

The bad news about consistency…it’s hard.

The good news about consistency…it gets so much easier.

How.?…so glad you asked!!

The more we engage in a particular behavior the less energy our brains have to use to initiate that behavior. Kind of like going to a new store and having to be super present because you don’t know where anything is…

Versus going to a store you frequent where you can be on the phone, managing a little one and still get everything you need without really having to mentally process what you’re doing.

When we do something over and over (consistently, repetitively) our brains turn on our “auto-pilot” so it can conserve energy for other functions…after all we’ve done it before….so no need to use extra energy doing the same-ole same-ole.

Now our brains don’t differentiate our behaviors as good/bad, productive/counterproductive so when your consistent behavior is eating ice cream whenever you feel emotional, your brain just knows “hey, we do this a lot so let me put this on autopilot real quick”…That’s why it’s so hard to stop an unhealthy habit (…of course this gets super technical, but this is the cliffs notes version just so you get an idea of the process).

BUT…imagine if you made a consistent effort to take a walk or journal when you felt stressed…same process i.e.

Your Brain: “Hey let me put this on autopilot real quick!”.

Now imagine those habits you really desire to create being cemented in your mind, helping you reach your goals day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year.

We just want you to know that you don’t have to simply imagine it. It can be your reality…all it takes is consistency AND it get’s easier! Hang in there!

So, here’s a challenge. Take some time and create a small action plan of 1-goal-oriented behavior you will do commit to do consistently over the next 30-days and tell a friend to keep you accountable

Here’s some suggestions:


  • Do one workout online M-F (at least 30-min)
  • Participate in a workout class on-site M,W,F and do an online workout T,Th (at least 30-min)


  • Grocery shop every Saturday
  • Meal prep for M-W dinner on Sunday and Th-Su dinner on Wednesday
  • Eliminate all sugar for 30-days
  • Find 4 easy vegetable recipes and try a new one every Friday with dinner