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Episode 1. Coming out of the shadows to share our perspective

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Travis & Whitney are certified fitness trainers & coaches and they co-own Life Addicts Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This semi-private fitness facility helps high performers live healthy, active, and energetic lives by simplifying healthy living. They are excited to introduce their new show, Our Take on Life, which will have holistic lifestyle conversations for high performers.

High performers are defined as anyone who shows up and gives their best, which could include a stay-at-home parent, CEO, or administrator. Our Take on Life will focus on conversations with community leaders in the fitness and wellness space, such as naturopathic doctors and other trainers, to help prioritize self-care in a busy world. You’ll also get to hear from members of the LAS community around their own healthy lifestyle transformations.

Trainer Travis & Coach Whitney are two health enthusiasts, eager to share their knowledge and purpose with the world. They are passionate about showcasing real people with a strong passion for health and wellness, offering advice on the best strategies to improve one’s health.

Conversations on the podcast will involve a variety of topics such as proper nutrition and discussing the controversial topic of supplements. They plan to bring in a variety of guests such as Dr. Carrie Dennie, a naturopathic doctor, to discuss naturopathic medicine and how to be an empowered advocate for your own health. With “Our Take On Life”, the hosts aim to provide viewers with reliable information and make health and wellness more accessible to all.

Travis and Whitney have been doing this for nine years. After facilitating hundreds of classes and training thousands of people in various capacities at their studio, in the community, at schools, universities, churches and area nonprofits…they’ve heard A LOT, seen A LOT and experienced A LOT on this journey of impacting people’s lives for the better and now they feel it's time to share what they know with those that need it most. They want to help people understand their bodies and health in a holistic way, and they don't believe they have to be aggressive in their approach.

They believe that health and wellness doesn't have an age and that there are small habits people can adopt to move forward, from wherever they’re starting from. They also want to help people rewire their beliefs about what they're capable of and focus on sustainable, healthy living.

They want you to understand that your actions can influence your peers, your family and your community, and ultimately make a difference in the world. Being the healthiest version of yourself ACTUALLY goes beyond you. When you show up in the world self FULL you’re best positioned to be self-less.

A Few Highlights

"But how can you sustain that life, your life after you drop the weight? How do you sustain your life while you're doing it? How do you sustain your life in a way where your children who are watching you or your parents who are watching you or your community, your friends, your peers or colleagues are watching you and their life then gets impacted because of what you're doing and they see your consistency?"

"Those are the kind of conversations that we want to have because that is the wall that a lot of people are running up against. It's not just, oh, I can't stop eating this particular thing. It's something deeper than that, right? And it's not necessarily that that thing is an issue. It could be that you're associating it with something else on a psychological level and you're just trying to get that familiarity and comfort. So we're going to be going into some conversations, okay!"

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