Are you a high performer whose been struggling with getting your health together and you're ready to do something about it?

We invite you to take a look at the community & program we’ve designed JUST FOR YOU to help you live your most active, energetic, and enjoyable life by developing healthy habits for lasting lifestyle change!

we heard you were looking for more...

But you’ve been here before…

You’ve tried the workout tapes and YouTube videos, the waist trainers, the sweatsuits, the shakes, the challenges, the pills and potions (maybe even an ab roller or shake weight 👀 #nojudgement). 

At this point in your life you’re beyond trying to “lose a few pounds real quick”. You’re craving REAL change and you’re TIRED of settling for “trending tricks” and “fleeting fads”. 

Considering the uncertainties of our day and age, you’re looking for something that will WORK, something that is SAFE, and something that will LAST! 


“It gave me the accountability I needed. I didn’t have that before trying to do it all by myself.”

Keisha, PT Client

“They’re local and able to offer personalized, quality, excellent attention to each of their clients.”

Kristyn, PT Client

“It taught me how important it is to eat to live, not live to eat. We don’t do fads, we do lifestyle changes.”

Jamecia, PT Client

you're in the right place

At Life Addicts Studio, we’ve helped countless high performers just like you leave the path of inconsistency, fad diets and quick “fixes” behind to enjoy the vibrancy and energy that comes with creating a healthy holistic lifestyle, long-term. 


introduces group personal training

Group Personal Training or “Group PT” is our signature training program at Life Addicts Studio, designed to help you create long-term holistic transformation in your health and wellness as you learn to eat well, exercise often, engage community and enjoy this lifestyle!





how would it feel to

This is all 100% possible for you!

Our clients have done it and so can you!

It’s not about body shaming, it’s all about strength, resiliency, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Hanna, PT Client

I was not shamed for where I was. I thought I was getting a gym, what I actually got was a lifestyle and a family.

Kylene, PT Client

We love helping those who want to enjoy the best this life has to offer, learn how to create sustainable holistic habits so they can live a healthy lifestyle long-term. That’s without diets, without deprivation and without feeling the constant disappointment and mental anguish that comes with not being able to “stick with it” on their own.

spaces in our community we've been humbled to serve

but just in case our path's haven't crossed yet...

It's so nice to meet you!

We’re Team Washington!

Travis & Whitney for short (lol)! We also have a 3 year old assistant coach named Zoe, who’s certified in giving hugs & high fives!

Our family is all about living life to its fullest, and we’ve dedicated our life’s work to helping you do the same. Life Addicts Studio is the product of a deep desire in our hearts to help you change how you think so you can ultimately change how you live forever!

you've done some hard things before...
and you've succeeded!

But when it comes to your health/wellness/fitness goals, you seem to always hit the same wall year after year. Here’s a secret…it’s not your fault!  You’ve not yet learned the simplest, most effective areas to focus your energy on. 

An intimate and intentional holistic (and SAFE) training experience is your solution.

They really do push us to make that individual choice to show up for ourselves.

Jaleesa, PT Client

It was the best choice I have made for my physical, mental and emotional self. 

Ashlee, PT Client

They kept me mindful that progress takes small meaningful steps.

Elyse, PT Client

if you're ready to see real transformation...

The trainers are not only experts in their craft, but they treat us like family! In addition to being stronger than I have been in YEARS - the loving challenges and accountability keep me coming back. Join me!
A lot deeper than getting fit and healthy. You find yourself getting better holistically when you get involved with Life Addicts! Sure you start here with health and fitness, but it’s more so character shaping!!!
Travis & Whitney support & strategize with you to help you get your desired results. They emphasize your strengths & make sure you push yourself to your full potential (even if you don’t know you have it)!

when you're ready, we're here to coach you along the journey

Travis, CPT, CrossFit L1

Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer & Head Coach

Whitney, HNC, BCS

Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Behavior Change Specialist

Eddie, GroupPT Coach

Team Leadership Advisor & Group Personal Training Coach

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