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We Get It & We See You...

The high performer in your circle that everyone can count on to show up & make things happen (...when you COMMIT)!

You're the one who literally pours yourself into the things, people and causes you care about.

The one who does everything in excellence.

The one who routinely puts others first.

...and because of all that you give...

Maybe more often than you'd like to admit, the one who is routinely running on fumes with little energy left at the end of the day to prioritize your own wellbeing.

You WANT to give your best, but you know you don't feel your best.

You WANT to make some changes, but you don't have the energy or time to figure it all out on your own.

Take a deep breath. You're NOT alone. There's NO judgement. Change IS possible.

Let's get you off that island.

But FIRST, let's be super clear...

When we say "high performer," we're not talking about Olympic-level athleticism. As a holistic community, we're speaking to a mentality that impacts how you live your life...

  • Excelling in career, family, and community despite challenges
  • Making things happen as a natural leader
  • Practicing disciplined behavior (motivated or not)
  • Valuing both inner & outer progress
  • Striving for a positive impact in your spaces of influence
  • Willingly doing hard things that ultimately lead to massive impact

While you may not have considered yourself a "high performer" because you're just doing what needs to be done, the best way you know how to do it. But friend, that's exactly what makes you a high performer. And you're not alone.

A Community Designed With You In Mind

Welcome to the Life Addicts Studio community, where we understand the demands of high-performance lifestyles, whether you're a stay-at-home parent, office executive, hospital administrator, or entrepreneur.

We know how rewarding and energetically exhausting it can be to give your best in everything you do. To maintain that level of performance, your body and well-being deserve the best care.

Through our semi-private group training & coaching around lifestyle modification, we offer a holistic approach to help you thrive – in a supportive, encouraging community.

You deserve to invest in yourself with the same energy you give to others. It's time to commit to positive change because your life is worth it.

Let us support you on your journey to being self-full, so you can continue to be selfless where it matters most. Prioritize yourself, and watch your life transform.

We See You. We Hear You. We've Got You.

You support those you care about because that's just who you are. We're here to do the same for you, because that's just who we are.